FHA Streamline Refinancing Lenders

In the previous section, we discussed finding a lender who services FHA Streamline Refinances. It helps to understand how lenders are able to service this form of refinancing, and what sort of qualifications they need in order to offer FHA Streamline Refinancing.

Becoming an FHA-Approved Lender


To provide FHA loans and refinancing to the general public, lenders need to complete a variety of different criteria. First, they have to complete an online application and send in the required documents, which can include business documents, resumes of office leaders, credit reports for principal owners and quality control plans. They also have to confirm compliance through an Initial Certification Statement, which is a signed document that essentially pledges their good standing and good faith as a loan servicer.

Finding an FHA-Approved Lender

If you don’t know where to start, one of the best resources is the Lender List Search. This provides a variety of different fields and search categories that make finding the right lender more convenient.

  • Lender Name: If you know the lender’s name, you can enter it here to find contact information.

  • City, State, or County fields: Allows you to look for lenders in a specific city, state, or county.

  • ZIP Code: You can search through a ZIP code and also look within a specific radius.

  • Area Approved for Business: Gives you specific business areas to search through.

  • Group Size: Lets you filter lenders by group size.

  • Insurance Types: Lets you find lenders that provide either Title I or Title II.

  • Servicer-Originator Type: Allows you to search through various single and multifamily options.

  • Reverse Mortgages: Search for lenders that offer reverse mortgages

  • Rehabilitation: Lets you find lenders who offer 203(k) loans, which can be used to rehabilitate a home.